Soldering Fumes

Articulated arm for laboratories and restoration. Applications: the CORAL PROBIS mod. free-standing articulated arm represents the best technical solution and has the necessary versatility for extracting fumes emitted by soldering, laboratory vapours, electronics in general, small-scale craft work goldsmithery, dental laboratories, research laboratories, analytical laboratories, etc.

Extractor device for soldering fumes Use: OLISMOKE is a table-top extractor for soldering fumes and vapours. OLISMOKE is used particularly in the electronic, electrotechnical and radiotechnical sectors, where the various components are assembled on printed circuits by soldering.

Portable filter The filter for the extraction and deodorization of soldering fumes, F 100 model, has been studied and built with the maximum rationality to obtain very small clearance but, high extraction efficiency at the same time. Designed for the electronics industry and for electronics laboratories, it can also be used in the chemical-pharmaceutical sectors, vocational schools and the gold industry. Technical features: filtering takes place through two work stages: filtering cartridge plus activated carbon.

F200, 400, 800, 1200
The F range filters for extraction and deodorization of soldering fumes, has been designed and realised allowing a modularity in the filtering devices which greatly extends their field of use. Designed for the electronics industry for the extraction of fumes from work positions, up to 12,( F 1200), wave soldering devices, soldering pots, they are also used in the chemical-pharmaceutical sectors, gold industry, vocational schools. Filtering takes place through three different work stages and increasing efficiency, monitored visually by the differential pressure switch or through a re-usable filtering cartridge; in this version the differential pressure switch is supplied as an optional. In the version with activated carbons, the latter cannot be regenerated and must be changed regularly.