Smell Eradication

Clean-carbo Assoclean
The “CLEAN - ASSOCLEAN and “CARBO” modular filtering units are used to clean and deodorize air polluted by welding smoke, gas and vapour, fumes and etc

"Activated carbon filter for painting operations. The KARB unit is applied at its best in the treatment of emissions coming from painting operations and is therefore destined to a large clientele that uses paints containing organic solvents. The large amount of activated carbons contained in the KARB allows to reduce the gaseous pollutants in the emission, guaranteeing respect with the International Standards in force."

The CORAL “KUBO” activated carbon filter is the disposable type, ideal for withholding effluents with high concentrations of Volatile Organic Substances (VOS). Thanks to its size and “diamond” shape, the “KUBO” filtering unit guarantees high filtering performance in addition to long duration of the activated carbon envisioned.