Sanding Dust

Downdraft table with cartridge filters, fully automatic compressed air cleaning of filters, soundproofing of blower with silencer and air diffuser.

Sanding booths ‘Zincowall’ are compact units with externally positioned dust collectors of various possibilities.

Sanding booths The “ZINCOCAR” range of sanding booths has been designed according to versatility, modularity and efficiency. The booths are built completely in galvanised sheet panels bolted to each other, (painted on request). The "ZINCOCAR" sanding booth operating procedure is simple and effective and is shown clearly in the layout. A vacuum is created through the sound-proofed centrifugal extractor mounted on the roof of the booth, which determines the forced circulation of an air flow that conveys the dusts through the cartridge filters without dangerous dispersions into the environment itself. The perfectly purified air is expelled by the centrifugal extractor fan, whose characteristics are such to guarantee extraction speed in compliance with the Standards in force. The booth is also provided complete with cyclic programmer for automatic cleaning of the filtering cartridges with compressed air.