Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Complete Systems
Designed for use in small and medium-sized workshops, the ETA UNO and ETA DUE is extremely compact and easy to install. Made up of an “ALE” series aluminium electric exhauster.

Fixed Mechanical Reels
simple, lightweight but reliable, thanks to the high quality of the materials used. The APT model is equipped with a locking mechanism to stop the hose at the desired height. It can be fitted on either the wall or the ceiling. Thanks to its compact size, the APT model is ideal for use with cars and motorcycles. Suitable for centralized extraction system. Complete with flexible hose mod. T-GAS, adjustable safety stop ATS, nozzle BNT, hose-clamp and with rubber covers. On request, the APVT could be supplied with automatic exhauster starting device (SYSTEM-GO, SWB C1 o C2)

Fixed Motorised Reels
ELECTRICAL-DRIVEN REWINDING REEL: operation by pushbutton panel (AE) or remote control (AEV), both 24 V as per CE regulations. The electric geared motor is equipped with an adjustable electromechanical safety stop for both raising and lowering. It can be fitted on either the wall or the ceiling, also for heights of over 5 meters. Suitable for centralized extraction systems.

Complete Sliding Units
Complete heavy vehicles overhauling sliding kit fournished with 2 HP electric exhauster, sliding carriage with 7,5 -mt- long Ř 150 hose, equalizer with counter-release and oval rubber nozzle for twin exhaust-pipes with manual locking gripper. Wall and ceiling fastening hangers and Ř 200 outlet hose are excluded.

Extruded Track in Aluminium
Modular aerial track completely made up in extruded aluminium. Thanks to its structural features, this track is light-weighted and at the same time weather-proof and with a sturdy contour. As it happens for the other track models, several carriages for hoses from Ř 75 to Ř 200 and the reels model AEML and AETB can be installed in this system so as to offer the widest range of applications for the extraction of gases produced by cars, vans and lorries.

Mechanical Breakdown Filters
Represents the most compact and economic solution for the filtering of welding fumes, gases, vapours, aerosols and etc. Is installed on a wall or fixed to the ground near work areas, for the removal of pollutants and recycling of purified air into environment. To treat high air flow rates, several “ECOFILTER” can be connected in parallel.

Flexible hose
Crush-proof nylon coil black reinforced hose for max. temperature of 180°C. Suitable for fitting on reels and for duct or floor-mounted systems. Strongly recommended for its great flexibility, lightness and resistance.

Various types of nozzles available for connecting to exhaust pipes of vehicles.

Floor trap in tin-plated sheet steel equipped with elbow connection for external hoses above the floor. The PZ system is very economical, as it is not necessary to have a hose and nozzle for each trap, so that a single elbow connection can be moved where needed. For cars and commercial vehicles of medium power, we recommend the PZ 75 or PZ 100 model, and for lorries the PZ 125.